Haiti Update...

2016 Haiti Update - Clean Water Ministry and Hurricane Relief

  Overwhelming and Heartbreaking!


Over the last few years Impact for Jesus has provided Clean Water Outreach to the Pestel area. Around 4000 homes were equipped with family water filtration buckets with 470 of them being delivered earlier this year. Poverty and living conditions are very familiar to our eyes and our hearts. 

This Hurricane Relief trip was so much different then what we are used to. Responding to the aftermath of Hurricane Mathew leaves such pain in our hearts. As the team drove into the area, they found such grayness in the landscape. Trees without leaves, trees without tops and trees that are down on the ground. All the brush has a gray color and leaves on the trees that are down, are brown as well. Without obstructions from the foliage you can spot villages and homes that our eyes have never seen before. Between all this  devastation, people are trying to survive. Most of the crops that people depend on for their daily bread are washed away. Stories of people dying while trying to save their crops from the devastating rain fall and winds fill the air. Stories of injuries from flying debris and still, they have a will to survive! This drastic change in the landscape is also followed by the changes in living conditions. Some homes have survived, but most of the homes sustained some damage. Damage that varies from missing a few roof panels to total destruction of homes. Some of villages have 100% of homes that are damaged. 

Most people in the world do not know that after the hurricane, the area of Pestel continues to receive an overabundance of rain. People have no shelter, no food, no churches to go to and no schools to send their kids to. The aid efforts are very slow in coming. The majority of aid organizations took the easy way out and are feeding people in the larger cities and communities. Those are people that have never depended on farming and living off the land. The hardest hit areas in the mountains have not seen any help!  Small NGO’s have a great heart for this area, but their budgets (if any) are not prepared to respond to such a disaster! 

With your partnership and prayer, Impact for Jesus has already started to help in the relief efforts.  We have provided 1,450 water filters, building supplies for 3 churches and a school, medications and tons of food. We are planning on rebuilding another 3 churches and a school in February and provide another 1600 Sawyer water filtration buckets. 

If you and your family would like to partner with us in this rebuilding process, please visit our website: www.impactforjesus.org and click “Donate Now” or send a check made out to Impact for Jesus to Bill and Renee Plaza - 419 Roosevelt Blvd, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 to make a life changing impact!

As mother nature sprouts new leaves on damaged trees, the foliage begins to heal. With time, the human soul will mend as well.  It will happen with trusting God’s plan for our lives, your prayers and your helping hand!