What is RENEW?

It’s a United States based ministry to renew lives through a relationship with God in ways that restore and redeem the individual, the family and ultimately, the community.

Renew aims to rejuvenate relationships through authentic gatherings where a person experiences God’s unconditional love, grace, mercy and fellowship, in and through study of the scriptures as well as the advocating of consistent redeeming service.

How is RENEW different than a Bible study?

RENEW looks to redeem and restore one’s life through relationships which provide authentic experience, education and kindness. We are attempting to recover from a life without true meaning and move toward one with eternal significance. We aim to become followers of Jesus by connecting to His work on the cross, praising Him for it, learning more about Him and being His body in serving the world.

What Happens at RENEW?

RENEW’s primary vehicle for creating significant relationships come in weekly gatherings. We envision these gathering to take place both during the day as well as the evening. 

The basic outline of a RENEW gathering is as follows:

Pre - Gathering: ½ hour with dinner, musical backdrop and unique and fun conversation igniters
Gathering Experience: ¾ of an hour beginning with 2-4 Exceptional Live Musical offerings (Variety is required from instruments as well as genre of music), a thought provoking teaching on a relevant topic, Time of Reflection, Prayer and Dismissal to small group discussions.
Small Group Break-outs (snacks provided): ¾ of an hour for any variety of recovery/support  groups (individual, family), biblical study groups, church specific support (mental illness, abuse, veterans, prison, etc.) and even season of life groups
Post - Gathering: ½ to an hour of reconvening for those wish more interaction
RENEW’s secondary driver for creating and sustaining significant relationships is to move into the community. Each break-out group is encouraged to meet once a month to serve in the community in a way that connects the group to the larger mission. For example, in November, the groups served at MorningStar mission packing Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for 330 families who may have gone without. A mixture of the teams gathered to serve during the Christmas giveaway at the mission. Finally, one group help the Sanctuary Church set up for their fair trade expo. 
RENEW, like the other IFJ ministries, aims to share the love of Christ through a "go and do" strategy.