Bios of Children in Sponsorship Program

DAVIDSON GERMAIN - Birthday - September 29, 1993
He was taken to an orphanage as a baby, where he stayed until last year, leaving at the age of 21.  He has no parents.  He is a great cook and enjoys painting.  He will be entering a grade referred to as FILO, in Haiti.  It would be equivalent to grade 13 in the states.  A class that must be passed in order to go to the University.  He began living by himself in a small room this July 2015.

JHONNY BOUILLY - Birthday - October 5, 1996
After spending 10 years in an orphanage, Jhonny knew returning to his mountain home in 2014 offered nothing in the way of self sustainability.  He now resides with his older sister near the capital of Port-au-Prince and takes his education very seriously. He hopes to be able to help his struggling family in the future.  He is a very creative painter, has a great sense of humor and has had to learn to "grow up" very quickly this past year.  He will be starting 10th grade this fall.

WICKENSON DACEUS - Birthday - December 12, 1995
After his mother lost all they had as a result of a hurricane, at the age of eight, he and his half-brother Jeffson were taken to an orphanage where they lived until Wickenson was 18 years old.  He will begin the 12th grade in the fall and is interested in learning more about gardening.  He is a very mature, young man who is very appreciative.

JEFFSON CEANCE - Birthday - May 14, 1999
Jeffson was sent to an orphanage as a five year old where he spent his formative years.  As a young teen, at age 14, he was sent home to live with his Mom, an aunt and four cousins.  Together they struggle with basic needs.  He will be starting the 6th grade in the fall of 2015.  His hope is that when he is a "grown up", he will have the means to feed children in need.

WINZOR PIERRE - Birthday - July 30, 1993
Winzor is an amazing artist!  He is very outgoing and makes friends easily.  He was orphaned at a young age and after spending six years at an orphanage, he has struggled daily to meet his basic needs.  He wants to be a car mechanic one day, but has two more years of high school remaining.  He speaks English well and is definitely a "people person."

NATHANAEL CHARLES - Birthday -  August 1, 1995
Nathanael is high energy and quick on the soccer field.  After having his needs met in an orphanage for nine years, he has spent the last year adjusting to the struggles of daily living while residing with his mother.  He will be entering the 11th grade in the fall of 2015.  He is determined to develop the skills needed for independent living and looks forward to having his own family one day.  He has a smile you will remember.  

KENDLEY DIEUDONNE - Birthday - August 11, 1996
Singing at church and having Bible study are two things Kendley enjoys.  He is also a great artist.  He and his brother lived at an orphanage for eight years, after their Mom died.  He enjoys making people laugh and has a huge smile.  He will begin the 11th grade in the fall of 2015, and is presently taking an English class.  Kendley is very personable and appreciates any and all gestures to enhance his life. 

ROBERTO DIEUDONNE - Birthday - April 22, 1992
In 2014, Roberto left an orphanage where he had lived for 11 years.  He had responsibilities at the orphanage, which in some ways helped prepare him for independent living.  By starting his education late, he will be in the 11th grade in the fall of 2015.  He hopes to have a big garden one day to provide for himself and others. He is very creative and the details of his paintings bring great interest.  He is very soft spoken with a caring disposition. 

ETLANDO JEAN - Birthday - August 13, 1999
At the age of five, a hurricane with resulting mud slides destroyed everything Etlando's family had to call their own. He was taken to an orphanage where he resided for nine years.  In 2014, he returned back to his home town where he lives with his Mom and Grandma.  He will be entering the 11th grade in 2015.  He is taking a class in Spanish this summer and loves to swim in a nearby river whenever he can.  While he only recently received a bed to sleep on, he remains hopeful that one day he will have his basic needs met and be able to live independently. Going to school and receiving an education is very important to Etlando.

CHRISTELLA SERPHIR - Birthday - April 11, 1996
While her childhood was very unstable and she spent nine years in an orphanage, Christella grew into a beautiful, caring, intelligent young woman.  She has recently passed a very difficult exam the government of Haiti requires at the completion of their 13th year of school.  She is desperately hoping to be able to begin college, with her dream of getting an education which would give her the means to help take care of children.  Her compassion and appreciation shine brightly.

NERLANDE SERPHIR - Birthday - August 19, 1993 
Nerlande has wanted to become a "hairdresser" for several years.  She is currently enrolled in the program and enjoying the learning experience.  She lives with her Mom and sister is a very tiny room.  Her life has many struggles as she tries to learn a skill, which will provide the hope of sustainability.  She is quiet and a bit shy - but has a huge heart for children.  Nerlande has a gift for compassion and nurturing.

SHOUGUER JEAN JACQUES - Birthday - March 24, 1996
After spending 11 years in an orphanage, Shouguer was sent back to his mother, who was very sick.  She died about six months later and in June of 2015 Shouguer went to live with his aunt and uncle and three other people. Their conditions are in "survivor mode."  Shouguer will be in the 11th grade and definitely needs a loving, helping hand. He has had a lot to learn in a short period of time.  His heart is troubled, but his talents are many.  He may be quiet - but is a deep thinker who has love to share.

MERLINDA MILLIEN - Birthday - March 25, 1993
When Merlinda was 12 years old she was sent to a girl's orphanage where she stayed for five years.  When the orphanage collapsed in the earthquake of 2010, she and her sister were sent back to live with their mother in a tent.  She has done an amazing job of keeping her head high, remaining active in church and continuing her education.  She is awaiting results of the required testing to begin University.  She enjoys singing, cooking and is very respectful.  She has a "mothering"instinct and hopes her future involves caring for young children.

MICHELLE MILLIEN - Birthday - October 21, 1996
After spending five years in an orphanage, Michelle returned to a life of squaller with her mother.  She has never given up hope for a better future and gives God the glory for any and all assistance.  She sings and dances at her church and relies on her church family.  She will be entering the final year of education, prior to attending college, and takes her education very seriously.  She is a beautiful young woman, with a personality to match.

MYMA CELESTIN - Birthday - September 6, 1995
Myma has a beautiful singing voice and has written several songs.  She lives with eight other siblings and cousins with no adult figure.  Her mother is in the United States where she hoped to get employment to support her children.  While she had a job for sometime, she is currently unemployed.  Myma suffers days without food and their living conditions are beyond one's imagination. She is hoping to pass a government test which will allow her to apply for college.  Her dream is to have her own orphanage one day, or a job where she can provide a better life for struggling children.  She is a beautiful young woman with amazing inner strength to survive life in Haiti.

BRENDA PAUL - Birthday - March 29, 1997 
Brenda's eyes draw you in closer to recognize her natural Haitian beauty.  Her mother died when Brenda was a baby.  She lived with her aunt for three years before being left at an orphanage.  She lived at the orphanage for 10 years before being sent to live with an uncle she never knew.  She presently lives with eight other older children and struggles daily for food.  She is behind in school, but knows she must finish to have a future.  She is very shy, but has a loving heart and yearns for the love of others. 

LYNDA PIERRE - Birthday - September 18, 1996
For five years Lynda lived at a girl's orphanage, as her mother had no income or ability to care for her.  In 2010, the orphanage collapsed and Lynda went back to live with her Mom.  She joined her Mom and two brothers in a tent with a dirt floor.  You can imagine the squaller.  Two years ago caring hearts built them a one room home to improve their living conditions.  She will be in 10th grade in 2015 and is SO thankful for the opportunity.  She is very beautiful with a sweet personality and appreciates every gesture to enhance her living conditions.

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Volunteers from Impact for Jesus continue to provide much needed support to the people of Haiti. Several mission teams are scheduled in Haiti throughout the year to provide hands on face-to-face support.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’​

Matthew 25: 40 NIV

Sponsorship - Give Kids a Chance

Below you will find short bios on each of the 17 children we are helping. I am hoping as you read them one of them will touch your heart. The approximate annual cost for a child to go to school with individualized assistance for food or personal needs is close to $900.  The cost to be a sponsor of ONE child is $25 per month or $300 per year, so each child will need THREE sponsors to make this happen.  Maybe sharing the financial responsibility of sponsoring a child with a group of friends or family would be a possibility for you. Should you decide to be one of the three needed sponsors for a child, you will receive a longer bio about the child with photos and updates during the year. The children will enjoy corresponding with you to express their appreciation as well. I promise you that it is an investment with BIG dividends. It is merely a ONE year commitment. YOU decide in a year if you are still able or wish to continue with your sponsorship. 

May I invite you to partner with us to help provide educational and nutritional assistance in order to promote independent living and long-term sustainability for these young people? You can sponsor a child or make a donation which will be used specifically for education and food. As always, 100% of donations will be used as designated.

Sponsorship donations may be made in any interval you choose i.e. monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. by simply clicking on the “sponsorship” icon on the “donation” page of this site.

If you would like to help but are not able to sponsor a child, any amount of donation will be appreciated and will be used to provide food for these children – and even more children as the money allows. Please select “Education and food” on the donation page.

I understand there are many ways to help others in our broken world. My hope is that your heart will be touched by the reality that together we CAN and WILL enhance the lives of these children.

In His Strength, 
Patty Meyer 

If you have ever witnessed a tragedy or watched someone suffer, I suspect it was a very emotional experience and you likely shared it with many others. It may have replayed over and over in your mind, or maybe it still does. This emotional experience might have had less impact had you merely been TOLD of the tragedy, suffering, or death. We have all been TOLD there are children who die daily of starvation or go days without food. We've heard of those with no electricity, clean water, or adequate shelter and it may make us feel badly, but we cannot totally relate. This particular scenario, describing the difference between SEEING and EXPERIENCING and simply being TOLD about it, is as close as I can come to help others understand why I go to Haiti.  More importantly – why I cannot STOP going to Haiti. I’ve seen it, experienced it, and I feel driven to do something about it no matter how small my efforts may be. The poverty, hunger, and lack of adequate resources for education plays over and over in my mind. I've had children who I love dearly tell me they haven't eaten in several days and are so hungry. They are children like yours and mine, but they happen to be born and live in Haiti. They have feelings, dreams, likes, dislikes and the same variety of personalities as those who we call our friends and family.

Last fall, Impact for Jesus began assisting a small group of 18 children. These are children who had recently been “released” from these orphanages and returned to the Haitian society. This group of children have become my "mission."  They are young adults ranging from 15 years old to 23 years old.  They were all taken to an orphanage at some point in their life, spending a range of 8 years to 20 years there.  Since being “released” from the orphanage, they are learning how to live and cope within the realities of Haitian life. It is interesting to note that ALL 18 children rated "going to school" their #1 desire! IFJ is helping them in this transition stage by providing assistance with both food and education. Because of caring hearts, IFJ was able to help finance their past school year. Throughout 2015, we also provided some with food or funds to buy food, as needed. Unfortunately, one of the young men we assisted, whose name was Reggie, developed cancer of the stomach and died a painful death in June. I was able to spend a few days with him this past May. He began to cry during my visit and apologized that he was only able to complete one semester of his dream, which was to attend college. What brought him to tears was that he felt the money we provided for his education was “wasted” and we could have used that money to provide educational opportunities for others. His level of gratefulness spoke volumes to me. He told me many times to “never give up” on my efforts in Haiti. His words of encouragement spur me on!